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Definition of HID: High Intensity Discharge lighting is light from a plasma discharge rather than a filament.

The system involves a combined igniter and ballast to start the light HiD50 only stock the best aftermarket bulbs available on the market, a high quality UV-blocking Quartz glass tub that is sourced from Germany, the metal halide and rare gas from America and electrode's from France.

Many aftermarket HID xenon light bulbs do not use a UV-blocking quartz glass, which creates harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays) that damages plastic headlamps, its housing and projector units. The damage is easily seen when the reflector unit starts to show a hazy, candling appearance that is irreversible, and can mean replacing the entire headlamp housing to correct the problem.

However, the bulbs we stock at HiD50 should not give you that problem, thanks to its UV-blocking Quartz glass that will not only filter UV rays but also deliver more light output, resistance to extreme and changing temperatures and keep a stable colour.

HID Advantages

35 Watt Ballast Three Times Brighter
The clear white light produced by the Xenon bulb is similar to daylight. Research has shown this enables drivers to concentrate better. HiD light reflects on road markings and signs better than conventional halogen.

Longer Life
The xenon bulb will last up to 8 times longer than a standard halogen bulb and even longer compared to High Performance Halogen bulbs. Average life of HiD is up to 3000 hours compared to halogen at 450 to 1000.


The Right Ballast

35 Watt Ballast Choosing the right ballast for the right job
We stock and supply Canbus variants in both 55 and 35 watts that are compatible with most makes of Cars, Lorries and Motorcycles.

Brighter Options
Also Super Fast Start 55 and 35 watt variants - ideally suited for the high beam on any make of Motorcycle.

And don't forget our powerful hard core 35 watt ballasts which are ideal for all of your aux lighting needs, be it night riding/fog/bad weather or general running needs.