Auxilliary Lights

Complete package for the 650 and 800 GS models.

Complete package for the 650 and 800 GS models.

650/800 aux light kit can be standard halogen DE's or HiD Micro DE's, or even FF50's POA

Hella DE halogen kit £195
Hella DE HiD kit £355

Full light kit available for the F650, 800GS, kits come complete with light bar (rugger roads) waterproof handle bar switch, w/p in line fuse holder, all wires and connections etc. if the Hella DE lights are selected, they have custom made HiD50 Stainless Steel light covers and mounts.

1200GS and GSA, light kits are supplied with HiD50 Stainless Steel custom light mounting brackets suitable for all GS/GSA bikes 2008 on, not the LC model.

1200GS LC Aux light kit can be supplied with LED lights, with the Rugged roads light bar, w/p handle bar switch switch, w/p fuse, wire and connectors £145

Hella DE kits for the 1150 GS/GSA, complete kits in halogen or HiD, superior HiD50 design Stainless Steel light mounts, no vibration.

Any kit parts can also be ordered separately.

Halogen fog lights and driving lights are all able to be converted to HID. Doing so will increase the light output dramatically, while lowering power consumption. HID50 can supply you will fully converted spot or driving lights, giving you the power of 35 or even 50 watt HID's with latest technology UltraThin HID50 ballasts for a fraction of the cost of off the shelf HID driving lights (that invariably come with older generation bulky ballasts).

The beam patterns from these conversion are just as the originals as we only use burners that have the light source in the same place as the original halogen bulbs, with razor sharp cutoffs on the foglights and a significantly increased projection on the driving lights. HID fog and driving lights provide the absolute ultimate in vehicle illumination.

Fog lights:
We recommend Hella's Micro DE foglight's. They are projector lights and have a flat sharp light cutoff and accordingly can be used as always on additional low beams, presenting a triangle of light coming from the front of the motorcycle at all times. HID50 supply fully HID converted MicroDE's ready to install, as per the image below. This includes the light units themselves, the HID conversion kit, the HID ballasts and burners and our custom fabricated additional mounting plates that need to go inside the MicroDE's to ensure the burners are seated correctly. Fitting service is also available.

Converted Hella DE lights to HID

Stock halogen lights with HiD converted Hella DEs.

Driving Lights:
While the fog lights in all cases above are wired up to operate in conjunction with the dipped (low) beam, Driving lights (spot lights) are wired up to operate with main (high) beam and throw light as far down the road as possible. Again we choose to work with quality Hella products as the basis for most of our driving light conversions. The Hella FF50 unit is a compact driving light with a good beam that suits motorcycles well. HID50 supply a fully converted pair of 35 watt HID Hella FF50 driving lights that will throw as much light forward as a pair of 130 watt Halogen spot lights. For the ultimate in evening lighting, the hard core rider may even choose to go for an 50 watt FF50 conversion that will do the job of a 4 (yes four) x 100 watt halogen spotlights. Email us for more details.

Above is a pair of Hella FF50s converted to HID in the HID50 workshop

Above: And this is how they look on the bike. Hella FF50 driving lights, converted to 35 watt HID units, alongside 50 watt dip and main beams.