What is a Xenon HiD Light ?
High Intensity Discharge (HiD) Xenon headlights are the new generation headlights now fitted to most luxury cars or fitted as an expensive optional extra. Producing up to 300% more light thiID lamps do not have a filament but create light as a result of an arc between two electrodes.

The heat from the arc vaporizes the metal halide, then produces light as the temperature and pressure increas. The light produced by an HiD Xenon lighting system is greater than a standard halogen bulb with the benefit of less power consumption. On the road, HID Xenon lighting systems appear as a bright white light which is closer to natural daylight. The brighter light offers greater visibility and enhanced road safety.

In an HID Xenon lighting system, the voltage between the two electrodes rises from 12V to 23000V, once ignited run stable at 85V by using the Xenon HiD ballasts system.

What are the Advantages of Xenon Light ?
1. Xenon are approximatly Three Times Brighter then normal lights
2. The clear white light produced by the Xenon bulb is similar to daylight.
3. Research has shown this enables drivers to concentrate better in low light levels.
HiD light reflects on road markings and signs better than conventional halogen.

Does a Xenon Light Last Longer ?
1. The Xenon bulb will last up to 8 times longer than a standard halogen bulb and even longer compared to High Performance Halogen bulbs.
2. Average life of HiD is up to 3000 hours compared to halogen at 450 to 1000.

Can you fit HiD to Cars and Bikes ?
The answer in most cases is YES, we stock a range of aftermarket plug and play HID conversion kits that allow the conversion of your Halogen headlights into high performance HID Xenon.

The kit(s) comes complete with HiD50 fitting instructions and the parts you need to convert your headlights, including bulb(s), ballast(s) and wiring. Also we have available a range of factory leads for any specialised custom fittings.

Can I fit HID on my main beam ?
Now you can HiD50 supply the latest tec ballasts and stock the new generation Fast Ballast, these are available in 35w and 50w, spark time is 0.01 second, fastest ballast in current production, they can be fitted to your main beam as they fire instantly and do not draw excessive current.

Can I Fit HID to non-projector style headlights ?
HiD can be fitted to almost any style headlight, depending on bulb fitment, beam patterns are identical to the halogen bulbs, but the quality of the HiD bulb makes a lot of difference, some poor quality kits can cause a lot of glare. HiD50 stock a range of bulbs (Burners) from standard HiD bulbs, to the top of the range Ceramic Core and the latest bulb, which is a Fast Spark, ideal for the high beam Fast Ballasts, these are designed for instant burn with no wink of light at the ignition on position.