Triumph Kit

What's included?
A HID50 kit consists of two high performance 50 watt waterproof ballasts and two 50 watt UV shielded burners.

Our Ultra Thin HID Kits need no brackets, but do come with screws, cable ties and an installation guide. This is all that is required to mount the kit, tho custom brackets are available (see details on installation page) and Dual Lock industrial velcro is also available for the easiest ballast fitting option.

The kits are all pre tested before leaving the factory.

NOTE: We have tried and tested kits and components from a number of factories and suppliers and while there is little to no difference in terms of light output, there is a enormous difference in terms of the quality of components that goes into the kits and the subsequent reliability of those kits. We have chosen not to save a few quid here and there by using cheaper kits and have gone for the best components at every choice. We also insist our suppliers test each and every kit for 24 hours before packaging. The result is we trade on our name, with the most durable and reliable kits on the market.

For example: Our UltraThin ballasts are not just water resistant, our UltraThin ballasts work under water. Ask other HID suppliers what happens with their ballasts if you try and run them while the ballast is immersed in a jar of water.

The current ballasts and bulbs have been installed tested and used on a wide variety of dirt, road and adventure motorcycles (and even the occasional car) across Europe, North America, South Africa and Australia for several years. They withstand rain, dirt, mud, dust and vibrations that go with all of those environments. We stand by our products and will replace any defective parts within a year of purchase.

There are two types of HID50 ballasts:

(1) Ultra-50: Ultra-Thin 50 watt ballasts. The UltraThin 50s are not only around a third the size of conventional ballasts, but they feature a quicker response from cold to full power, unlike the vast bulk of HID ballasts which take 4 -5 seconds to approach full power. These measure 90 x 65 mm (3.5 x 2.5 inches) and are a mere 13 mm (half an inch) thick. Ultra-Thin 50 are the most rugged and durable 50 watt ballast on the market.

(2) Ultra-35: Ultra-Thin 35 watt ballasts. These are a tiny 70 x 60mm (2.8 x 2.4 inches) and are also a very compact 13 mm thick. These are the only 35 watt ballasts we do, and the only reason we broke the mould of selling only 50 watt ballasts is that these are the best quality 35 watt ballasts I have used bar none. They have been tested operating fully underwater, and have a particularly strong casing. HID50?s original aim was to sell only 50 watt HID kits, but these ballasts made us rethink the strategy. If we are going to do 35 watt HID's, then we are going to do the best quality, best design, most compact funky 35 watt HID's in the market.

All HID50 ballasts are waterproof and dust-proof. Additionally, they feature:

(a) Overload protection. The ballasts cut out at 18 volts to prevent electrical damage.

(b) Low Voltage Protection. The ballasts shut down at 8 volts or under to prevent drawing excessive current from the battery.

Above: A Ultra-50 (top) compared to a mobile phone and an Ultra-35 ballast.

Both types of ballasts are flat on the back and can be securely mounted with the likes of 3M Dual Lock tape. In tight spaces, the Dual Lock mounting affords more mounting options, particularly with the UltraThin 50s or 35s than other methods.

New style Ultra Slim digital 50 watt ballast is now virtually the same size and dimension as the 35 watt, making fitting even easier.

Burners / Bulbs
HID50 are able to supply H1, H3, H7, and H11 fitments. Other fitments may be available on request. Standard colour temperatures are 5000K and 6000K. Other colours may be available on request.

Colour choice availlable 4300K, 5000K and 6000K bulbs.

H7R anti dazzle bulb supplied in all HiD50 twin kits at no additional cost.

Email the email address below to enquire about availability and purchase details. HID50 takes payment by paypal.